Face covering

Face covering collections.


Beautiful lightweight tube scarf.

Thye have a loop of elastic around the top which can be adjusted for the perfect fit around your face. Simply pull out the knot and retie!

They are made from lightweight stretcy material. And each one measures about 9-10inch wide laid flat and roughly 12-13 inch long.


Amazingly soft jersey 2 layer face masks. Made with loops of super soft elastic around the ears. These will come slightly longer than required so you can adjust the knot to your size then trim of the excess.

Please note these are not medical grade and are just to be used as an emergancy face covering.

Please also check the mesurments are ok as these cant be refunded or returned due to the nature of the product and the current situation with covid.

And please bare in mind the intestiy of colour varies from screen to screen I photo them the best I can.

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